• Janise

All about Natural Numbers & Other Number Definitions

Lets now define what is a Natural number.

A Natural number are only positive integers such as whole numbers. Natural numbers start from the number one and is sometimes zero as well. These numbers are used for counting and ordering.

Lets Recap from our first lesson and add more definitions:

Categorizing numbers are important for us to know and define because as we start to try to figure out how to measure things in the world, we need to be able understand how numbers are related to each other and why we receive patterns when we start putting them together.

An example is understanding why when we add whole even numbers do we always get the sum as an even number. If we don't get an even number, we can take a look to see why.

Now let's practice: https://www.softschools.com/math/classifying_numbers/

How did you do?