• Janise

CHW Holistic House-cleaning V6

Updated: Feb 27

As CHW's, one of the most important things that people give access to us respectfully... is their home!!!! We visit their homes so that we can

# 1 make them feel comfortable without time restraints to talk about their health


# 2 to see if there is any way we can help.

One of the ways we can help someone in their home is helping them to clean. Its not about right or wrong, its about health.

Sometimes our home harbors things that can make us sick and sometimes there are many things that we can do differently to improve the health of our house and body.

Here are some tips, guides & useful products:


Tip: Have a Garbage closet.

When garbage is not enclosed, it becomes harder to maintain and hide from pests. Keep two bins, one for recycle and one for the regular garbage.

Keep your mop, broom, dust pan, shovel, mop bucket, duster, garbage bags & all cleaning products in this closet. You can even buy a timed air freshener to keep it smelling fresh every 30 minutes. The investment is worth it.

Make sure that your garbages have lids

The Vaccuum thats like a Swiffer mop

The swiffer duster

Windex Wipes

Baking soda

Toilet bowl cleaners

Lemon oil with water