• Janise

Creating a Poster for Children to Remember Addition & Subtraction Strategies

There are a number of pictures that I found useful in sharing with children to help them know and learn what strategies they can use to solve addition or subtraction problems.

I can display these strategies in the classroom as a large poster as I teach them or I can have them draw their own charts with the symbols they like so they can understand and remember what strategies they can use. This can turn into a fun art project with markers and/or construction paper.

When students create things themselves that they will use as a reference in their work is a way to get the students to associate what they draw with the information that they are drawing about. I wanted to find a way to merge remember the different ways they can solve a problem by helping to design their own cheat sheet and I will make sure to chose a theme that will stick. Something popular for that time or a theme where they will draw or paste their favorite things related to that theme around it. I could even do an art gallery as an event for the finished pieces and have everyone vote for 2 winners and everyone can choose to use their own or a copy of one of the two winners. There are many ways to do the poster and I also want to make sure that my lessons are not too far away from how they do the posters in other classes so I can merge the two or answer questions correctly about it.

The poster could be made on a Friday where it sums up the entire week of learning a strategy each day if possible. Some of the same strategies are called different things so I would want students to be able to know it or at least use it if they want to.

Picture # 1:

Picture # 2:

For the Base ten model: I would instead call it Stick and Stones strategy because I think this is what children can relate to and remember as opposed to calling it base ten.