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Dear Africa: We are on our own

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

I believe the chilling words “We are on our own” apply here, given the fact that each nation has moved to secure its own supply chain and borders, thereby securing its own people. This, perhaps, is the most current and vivid lesson for Africa and it unfolds before our very eyes.

Open your pretty brown eyes and look around you. No one cares about you. They never did and it’s not their fault... we all know whose fault it is.

At this rate there might not even be the proverbial posterity to descend on you with that harsh judgment, seeing as your body count has already been predicted by those you call “friends”.... friends indeed.

Meantime your sons and daughters are marooned in lands of your oppressors and they are deemed to be the source of a persistent Covid infection pool; carriers they are called. That nation’s people have risen and have dealt your children a boot in a mass eviction galore. Yes those children you said were better off in that land.

If not for pure tenacity, Even Tedros himself of WHO is threatened with eviction.

Furthermore, others elsewhere have already determined the next course of action in “your best interest”. Their cronies had even openly and shamelessly volunteered you and your children as Guinea pigs for experimental novel vaccines, as if to say your freedom is an illusion and a figment of your imagination, and it is.

Sit here and learn. The education that you frowned upon is what is critically needed now. Your perceived enemy’s conventional guns are cold and quiet. Your elaborate bickering and backstabbing is of no value to anyone now.

The weapon is an “obligate infectious submicroscopic particle” as my professor, Professor Kapoor aptly defined viruses. It devours the epithelial cells of your respiratory system and flirts with your own immune system to crescendo into a deadly dance of musical chairs of live or die in your lungs.

While you were amassing your weapons of war, you should have been investing in the minds of your people, who are your greatest resource and enduring asset.

This battle is not fought with your hardware but with the mind. It’s always been about innovative thinking.

The battle-lines are medical, sociological, philosophical, ethical, economic, and theological. The impact of the pandemic mimics consumption disease in its claim of national resources; it’s a war of attrition of resources, where the most prepared or the one with a vaccine or cure survives.

It strains supply chains and expunges the vital human capital. We all know that the best time to prepare for a rainy day is before the rain season starts. We better learn from this calamity and let this serve as a clarion call to Africa to begin to empower its own people;

  • To begin to manufacture locally.

  • To begin to the embrace creative minds and to champion education and research.

  • To treat our own sick than to send them abroad.

  • To dispense with mediocrity, waste and inefficiency.

  • To attain a level of multidisciplinary sophistication in defiance of current global barriers.

We can achieve this. We are greatly endowed, we have no business being poor. Africa’s poverty is nothing short of shameful and sinful. We have elevated the ignorant and treaded on the educated.

We call any calamity an act of God. Corruption is a new normal.

Africa, may God have mercy on your soul.

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