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Developing Number Sense with Games

Games are exciting, fun, and a great way to teach children how to gain number sense without making them feel like they are doing too much work. I was able to find a few games that can be done with K-2nd grade to help children develop number sense as well as learn how to subitize (telling me quickly without counting) numbers.

Game #1 :The Roll and Race Number Sense Game

You will need :

o Dice / one for each child

o Worksheets from https://cdn.thisreadingmama.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/FREENumberSense-K-RollandRace.pdf

o Instead of Magnets as suggested by "reading mama," I would use small healthy gummy bears so when the children complete one row, they can eat the row. I think this will motivate them to work quicker and to complete the rows quicker. I can even have them shout "Gummy" when they either finish a row or the page.

The children roll a dice and then do a problem from the row of the dice they rolled. After they write down the answer, they cover the problem they just did with the gummy.

The first worksheet has pictures.

The second worksheet uses ten frames.

The third worksheet displays two numbers and one number that is missing and the child needs to guess what number is missing.

All three games can help children to learn how to subitize quickly in a fun way and uses different methods to do. The ten frame worksheet is a great way to build upon the children using ten frames to subitize as well.

Game # 2 : One More One Less Number Sense Fish Math


Worksheet can be downloaded here ^^^

There is also a step by step video available for you to see how the teacher plays this game with children.

The instructions are simple: You can give this worksheet to children, you will need manipulatives to have the children place it on the worksheet or you can even just print out fish and numbers, have the children cut them out and use them to play the game.

You give the children a number, and you have them fill out the worksheet while also adding in the fish bowl-how many fish correspond to the number. This helps them gain number sense by being able to see a visual of a number sequence, seeing the numbers and their relation to each other, helping them count and seeing the numbers represented in the fish bowl.

For those who are computer savvy, this worksheet can be easily made in a microsoft word document if you wanted to use a different theme than just fish. You could create a chart, and copy and paste any picture to replace the fish bowl and print out anything you want to put into the picture you choose. For example, I can add three trees and print out apples for the children to pin to the tree.

Another suggestion the teacher had on the page was to laminate the worksheets so they can be reused saving you paper and the cutouts.

Game # 3 : Using Ice Trays as a ten frame

For many reasons, we can use an individual hands on approach to teaching children how to subitize using ten frames. A great way to represent a physical ten frame is through an ice cube tray.

You can have the children to quickly fill in-using any object- healthy candy (my favorite) or other objects like fuzz balls, teddy bears etc. to fill in the number that you want them to.

This can be a timed activity and you can even play the popular "Baby Shark" song and when the music stops, you can see if they filled in the correct amount.

You can write a number on the board at the start of the song and have them to fill in how many.

For older children, you can add a simple equation on the board and have them fill in the answer on their ice cubes. You can ask them to come up to explain their answer.

Another idea is to have the children work in pairs, roll a dice and represent the number on the dice in the ten frame.

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