• Janise

Formative Assessment Ideas

Searching for a range of assessment ideas was important for me in thinking ahead. I want to have fun innovative ways to assess the students and I am leaning more towards formative assessments.

Examples are:

  1. Have the students make an Advertisement from a concept you want them to learn. So for math, we can have the students to: Make an Ad that represents the multiples of ten showcasing ten or Create a Picture Menu from your restaurant that shows a third portion of all your items for sale for a third of the total price (you can have students switch and come up with the total & share), You can have them make a Brochure for a Zoo that has only prime numbers of animals in it or a museum with only multiples of two items or draw a New york street with half the block a pizza store, one third a chicken store and one third a house with a hexagon sign on it or many other things depending on the situation.

  2. Think-Pair-Share : Students are placed in pairs and then discuss with the class.

  3. Creative Extension project: Students can create a project around the math topic such as their own flash cards and then they can pair up to test each other, Record or skit or small play (for math I would ask the students to create a theater skit using any number or numbers or to talk about an equation that they like)

  4. One Minute papers is useful for math topics that require a students explanation such as asking the students to explain why when you add certain numbers are they always even and odd. It can given as a refresher.


5. There are worksheets called math mazes where the students have to solve the math equations to get through to the end of the maze and win.

6. Which mathematician is right worksheet. (Students are presented two problems and must pick which one is right and/or wrong and why)

7. Two truths and a lie worksheet. (Students pick which equation is right out of two)


8. Have the students list three mistakes that another student might make.

The below link has 54 basic total examples of formative assessments.


9. Math Stories: Have them create a math story where their favorite number is the quotient or sum of the answer of their story.

10. I want to create my own Bingo called "Mingo" where each number that I call is the answer to one of the problems on the bingo card. The entire card would have to be solved to see if you had bingo. I can use number strings for this one to help the students and assess them at the same time.

11. For Geometry, I was thinking I can divide the students into two groups- artists and buyers. The artists will draw one of the shapes and the buyer will make an offer but needs to guess the shape and its properties before they can buy it. The buyer that can buy the most paintings win. All buyers will have a shot to buy every painting and then they will switch roles.

12. For Geometry, I can make a fashion week where we find the latest fashion that is concave, convex etc. and have the class vote on the best fashion for that property.

I'm hoping that I can create more creative formative assessments that are engaging, fun, give learning opportunities and have cross benefits.


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