• Janise

Geometry Math Walk for a Day

Many teachers have written about the benefits of taking their students on a geometry math walk for a lesson. There are many clever ideas and ways brewing and here are just a few to get started. I will list the link and post a sentence on what the link is about. Taking students for a walk is also a big stress reliever, can give students the much needed fresh air to learn some more in a different environment. It also teachers students how to see geometry in real life making the lesson have more impact.


"I Accidentally Taught an Amazing Math Lesson Outside" Professor who got locked out of class who teachers "Teaching Mathematics" to college students. He taught the students how to teach geometry to students outside this very day.


"In Dan Goldfield’s high school math class, students don’t learn about large numbers by staring at a whiteboard and copying zeros. They go to a beach and count grains of sand.

“Some of them start by counting how much sand fits in a Dixie cup, others decide to measure by weight and volume,” he said. “Either way, they learn that guess what, it’s not even close to the national debt. …. By doing math this way, students really start to understand the larger mathematical concepts — that math is a tool, not just something to get through in order to graduate.”


"Our math trail is loosely structured on purpose: As the whole Grade 7 takes part in this trail and as many chaperones are not math teachers, we make it clear that the purpose of the day is for the students to explore, discover, enjoy, and celebrate the beauty of math and its presence all around us. Using the MAA’s Field Guide and a map of the National Mall, each group spends the first hour of the day planning their route. How they spend their time is up to each group—this freedom is what the students like the best about the day."


"Introducing my 3rd graders to the abstract concepts of plane and solid geometry can be a challenging task. I’ve discovered that the key to teaching my students the basics of geometry is making it memorable by getting them out of their seats to “experience” geometry. As I always tell them, “Why just learn about the line when you can be the line?"

(Includes lesson examples like: Math Yoga, Geometry Story, Scavenger hunt, Geometry Jeopordy & Book suggestions)