• Janise

Lattice Method

Some of these different methods to solve multiplication problems (repeated addition) are new to me so I wanted to add some things to help with teaching it as I have learned it myself.

Below is a beginners worksheet to start. One thing I noticed was that I was a little intimidated looking at too many boxes with numbers. With this worksheet, it allows you to start with just two columns (2 digits) to begin and practice with. This worksheet is not for free but can be easily replicated with one glance.

-Roll the Die and Multiply

Description: Students can practice lattice multiplication of 2 digit by 2 digit numbers.


This video is a simple "How to" video on it that has a blackboard background and little animation


Here is a website for students to go to if they want to learn step by step and play a math game. The beginning of this lesson explains that the first box is the ones place and the second box, tens and so on. It helps to explain the place value part of the Lattice method.


Lastly the first picture I felt covered the most important things to learn about multiplication and is a great chart to keep in class or to have students copy or both as a reference or if anyone is struggling. Pairs nicely with a Think-Pair-Share activity using a white board if available for every student.