OneQuantum Africa World Quantum Day #Event

Join us on April 14th! @ 17:00 CAT/ SAST!

We invite you to join the world in celebrating World Quantum Day by participating in OneQuantum Africa virtual event! The spotlight is focusing on Africa’s Quantum Strides.

What is World Quantum Day?

World Quantum Day was created to “engage the general public in the understanding and discussion of Quantum Science and Technology”.

The program is built around four themes to offer various audiences all the information one needs to understand quantum, whether they never heard of quantum or are an expert in the field:

- Academia, Quantum Careers, Research & Development

- Impact of quantum tech on industries & business.

- Quantum transformation, Ecosystem Development, & Change Management.

- The necessity of community building, and alents growth.

We have the privilege to have the following prestigious panelists; Conrad Haupt, Mainza Kangombe, Gemma Dawson, Malak Elghriani Sign up and invite your colleagues to join

Whatever your area of focus or interest in quantum computing or tech, you are welcome to attend and stand to benefit from this interesting event. ➔ BONUS REASON ➔ The event is virtual, open, and FREE.

This is a great event for ambitious and results-driven professionals who want to stay on top of developments in tech, expand their network and build new businesses, careers, opportunities, and friendships.

Hope to see most of you.

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