• Janise

What is Play? V1


As simple as it may sounds, play comes in many shapes, sizes and forms but how it makes you feel is one of the most important aspects to consider when thinking about whether you are indeed playing or not. We are emotional beings and can find solace in the most oddest of places. It can be a closet to a child or on a phone app in your employers bathroom stall but how you feel and what you are doing are the most important parts of a good play. These days, its hard to put limits on what one thinks is normal and we would be doing "play" a disadvantage if we did.

I define play as something a person finds enjoyable without pressure. Some can say that an older person plays with their mentality when they hit bars and some can say that a child can play with their hands on the seats of a doctors office but what they have in common is the expectation of a good feeling paired with using the mind. I would not exclude artists creating things for play either.

For my first experiment, I will begin playing with acrylic paints. Below is the item I purchased and in the upcoming post, I will share what I decided to draw.

My chosen activity for this blog is Art- I have painted before and would love to paint again for fun. I want to create designs that relate to where my life is right now and want to do a free-draw. No stencils or tracing or anything like that. Just free-drawing from my mind and making it beautiful with colors.

The below set comes with everything that I need to draw a picture.