• Janise

What is Play? V2

Description and Reflection on my play experience and any refining of my definition or attitude towards play.

My first picture. (The Pyramids and the Eye of Consciousness coming down from space to be born as humans, I drew Saturn in the left upright corner to show that it is a Quantum spaceship.)

I had a good time painting the first one. As I started to refine the drawing, it didn't live up to my expectation and I ended up feeling disappointed. The paint was not as thick as I wanted it to be but I was crunch with time. It reminded me of the current public system's school schedule and the pressures it brings. I felt pressured to play and pick and choose quickly. I have a lot going on and the thought only appeared after the painting started to go downhill which is both laughable and emotional for me. I decided to refine my definition to include that it is not pressured or controlled by any deadlines or time frames. People change, grow, are moody and learn different ways and todays artist struggle with this same "deadline" mentality when it comes to their talent the same way I felt during this assignment.

I love to be solution focused so here are my ideas:

I should offer more than one option. Had I choosen more than one type of play to choose from, I might've redeemed my experience.

The paint needed to have more quality. Quality resources are important. I chose an Amazon packet deal that turned out to offer a lot but not much when it came to the acrylic paint. i don't know much about acrylic paint, but i have been in a class before to know the difference.

To substitute, I thought of an experience that I had that was enjoyable recently and it was me running from my son in the grass at a relatives house. It was not pressured, it was spontaneous, it was fun, I wanted to do it, it was not a new thing i was trying, and i had a partner who was laughing hysterically so i laughed a lot too.

i learned that the latter was more play than what i was doing with the painting in my opinion.