• Janise

What is Play? V3

Description and reflections on my play experience and any refining of my defintion or attitude towards play.

I did it again. I decided to draw another picture that was less complicated to redeem my painting experience and supplies. Here are the photos where you can predict where things might've went.

Alright, not so bad...

Woah! I feel like a repeat of my first experience. What is missing I think is that when I am doing any painting, I like guided instruction if the paint is going to be hard to manage. I can draw well with a pencil, pen or crayons but the paint was more runny than usual.

I learned that i have a preference when it comes to free-play and guided play depending on what it is and the skill level similar to me making sure that I incorporate DAP's and a universal design in my classroom so that all types of learners can benefit. Maybe this level of painting was not my DAP when it comes to acrylic.

I am designing a play room for my son and daughter. I am working to invest in good quality toys and objects to design the room. I have been playing with my son in the room and had fun running around a kitchen set I bought. He chased me in the room and there is a Baby Einstein musical toy that he likes pressing the button to play music to dance with me. I had more fun doing that, than painting by myself in the room. I also thought about working mothers during this time that want to provide a genuine play experience for their children like I do.

It is now harder that people are at home, unemployed and more so children and places of play are not the same anymore. My children do not have playmates their age so the "play" they can get from me now is important. I want to choose something different for my next play experience.